Backtalk and Parenting

“I didn’t asked to be born!” shouted my teen from the bedroom. “It’s not fair. Nobody else has to do this!  You’re so mean!”   And the door to the purple room closes with a slam.   “Good thing you didn’t ask to be born today,” I thought to myself.  “Today the answer...

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How to Listen For Success

Are you a good listener? I must confess I’m not always a good listener. Listening well frequently requires skills that must be learned. You will have some listening skills that come naturally to you, and some that need to be acquired. I am an introvert processor and...

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When Prayer Is Difficult – Marie Bride

God has recently been telling me, “Give it away” and that is just what I am doing! I’ve invited some beautiful souls from my favorite Facebook community for women in the 50+ season of life, The Consilium: a Gathering of Wisdom and Grace (link). Enjoy the words from...

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