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Menopause: A New Beginning a guest post by Robin Dance

A note from Diane Bailey You are in for a rare treat today. I asked my good friend, Robin Dance, to share a post with the ladies here at The Consilium. Robin is an excellent writer who shares from her heart and soul. She is funny and isn't afraid to write about the...

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Run Well and Win Your Race

The cinder track was bold red with freshly painted lines of white and numbers to mark out each lane. The spring-like day with blue sky was a welcome relief from cold and rainy days that had preceded my first track meet. Jogging in place my new running shoes made a...

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Living Sidetracked or On-Purpose

“Now, class, I’m going to give you an assignment,” the teacher said. “I want you to write a theme called ‘What I Want for Christmas.’” This pronouncement was followed by the agonized, collective groan of the entire classroom of children, except for one … Ralphie. He...

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7 Steps for a Lasting Marriage

Forty years ago, we said, “I do.” Some people took bets we wouldn’t make it a year, but we never doubted. Not because of us. Because of God. In July, a #love your spouse challenge on Facebook and Instagram invited people to post a picture of their spouse every day for...

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10 Thoughts for a Better New Year

Have you made any resolutions this year? Have you already given up on carrying them out? I never make them because I know I won’t keep them. We all need encouragement at one time or another but especially at the onset of a new year. Here are ten thoughts to inspire...

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Christmas Presence

I love the Christmas season. I love decorating the tree with the quirky ornaments our kids made years ago, and I love the fond or funny memories they evoke. I love gathering with friends and family, and I love the food. All the food. I love selecting meaningful gifts,...

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