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7 Steps for a Lasting Marriage

Forty years ago, we said, “I do.” Some people took bets we wouldn’t make it a year, but we never doubted. Not because of us. Because of God. In July, a #love your spouse challenge on Facebook and Instagram invited people to post a picture of their spouse every day for...

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10 Thoughts for a Better New Year

Have you made any resolutions this year? Have you already given up on carrying them out? I never make them because I know I won’t keep them. We all need encouragement at one time or another but especially at the onset of a new year. Here are ten thoughts to inspire...

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Christmas Presence

I love the Christmas season. I love decorating the tree with the quirky ornaments our kids made years ago, and I love the fond or funny memories they evoke. I love gathering with friends and family, and I love the food. All the food. I love selecting meaningful gifts,...

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Oh What a Great Love

December brings us hints of beauty, great anticipation and wonder in celebration of the birth of Jesus - the true treasured Christmas gift. Everywhere we turn songs remind us of His amazing love as we exchange crosses for nativities. It would be years before the world...

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Traditions and How They Change as We Age

There is no other season more jam packed full of family tradition than the holiday season. When my husband and I were raising our three daughters, any new family activity we did during this time of the year became a tradition to be repeated, at least in the minds of...

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Learn from Me: A Journey Into My Past

I grew up believing I didn’t deserve God. It wasn’t anything verbal it was just how I dealt with the abuse. I wanted God, or at least what I heard from the church podium, the Bible sounded like something I should revere. Not to mention religion seemed like a better...

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Watershed Moments of Our Lives

Over half a century ago, a 33-year-old father bravely stepped onto a plane in Hong Kong headed for Jamaica, leaving behind his young bride, eight months pregnant and three children, all under the age of five. One month later, I was born into the squalor of that city....

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Learning to Bend

“When they reached the slopes of the mountain, Grace and Glory stood still in delighted surprise, for stretching before her were fields of slender reeds, swaying in the breeze and tossing lightly in rhythmic motion like waves or a slightly rolling sea…” Lately, I’ve...

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