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Taking Wing – Letting Go and Release

It was late spring, and my young daughter, Sheridan, and I decided to plan some special mother-daughter activities to share. With a little trepidation, I allowed her to adopt a caterpillar at a local birdseed store as one way to make a memory. Sheridan, notorious for...

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Don’t Quit & Jump Ship – Hold Tight & Pray

Have you noticed that the older we become, the more our experiences inform our faith and beliefs?  As older women, many of us have deep wells of hard-earned wisdom from which we draw.  Maybe, like me, you have noticed how the changing political tide has unearthed some...

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What Prayer and Swimsuits Have in Common

Swimsuit season is around the corner. Maybe that’s not the opening sentence you’d expect in a blog post about prayer — though wouldn’t it be nice if confessing those extra pounds could remove them as far as the east is from the west? Yeah. Not happening. As I was...

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God is Faithful and We Belong to Him

Behold, all souls are mine… Ezekiel 18:4 NIV In one year, six months apart, I nearly died and did die. I survived a pancreatic attack. The doctors came in the hospital and gravely gave me the bad news: "Because of your damaged gallbladder, your pancreas has misfired,...

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The Power of Purpose

After Daddy left Mama and us kids, Mama had no choice but to get a license, somehow obtain a beat up old car and get a job. She had a focused purpose. That purpose was to provide for and raise those of her brood of seven kids that were still at home. She was focused...

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One Word Changed My Outlook and Helped Me Grow

Instead of a New Years resolution of promises to eat healthier or exercise that I’d never make good on. The past few years I’ve resolved to focus on one insightful word that I could cling to for a year. I wanted a “spiritual” word; one that’s been invisible from my...

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This Is Us Being Us – A Glimpse Into Our Marriage

Doc helped me to clean the kitchen before we jumped in the car to get a few items from the drugstore.  Walking out of the door, I grabbed the bag of overstuffed garbage, hung it on the side mirror of my car, as we usually do, and drove down the long driveway to our...

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